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The largest open-air festival in Croatia is back, and comes with great music, fantastic stages and lots of original entertainment options. Commonly referred to as Zagreb’s Woodstock, INmusic features three days of musical performances and supporting programs, all situated on the shores and inlets of Jarun Lake. Attendees are able to camp onsite, and experience the hospitality of Croatian capital in a very unique way. Surrounded with positive vibes and lovely outdoors of Zagreb, they can enjoy prime musical thrill and earn many beautiful memories.

During its history, INmusic managed to host some rather popular performers. These include groups such as Franz Ferdinand, Kraftwerk, Pixies and The Prodigy, but also notable music individuals including Moby, Billy Idol, Morrissey and Jamiroquai. As such, the event received quite a lot of international attention.  CNN, BBC, Huffington Post and National Geographic Traveler even featured it as one of the best musical festivals on global scale.

Zagreb, 24.06.2013 - Najveci hrvatski open air festival INmusic zapoceo je danas na Jarunu

This year, INmusic Festival arrives in its eleventh edition. Starting with June 20th and finishing on June 22nd, it will provide the attendees with performances of Django Django, The Coral, Skunk Anasie,   Barns Courtney, PJ Harvey and many other popular artists. Of course, stages will be occupied by regional bands as well, including Gustafi, Kawasaki Trip, Zen and The Bambi Molesters.

Thanks to this festival, Zagreb will once again storm the lists of best places to go in Europe. If planning to attend INmusic Festival, reserve your tickets here and prep yourself for great fun next to Jarun Lake.

Camping Enjoyments

More than just a musical experience, INmusic is imagined as a place where you can spend time with friends in the sceneries of Jarun Lake. Buying a Camp Ticket (265 HRK / 36 €) will allow you to set up a tent on two inlets of Jarun, connected via pedestrian bridges, and have a unique outdoor stay in Croatia. You literally never leave the festival premises.

Plitvice Lakes Courtesy of Elisabetta Marianecci

Stunning Excursions

In case you wish to see some other places in Croatia, INmusic has you covered with exciting offer of excursions. For example, you can experience the adrenaline-filled kayaking ride through streams of Mreznica River or walk through renowned natural bliss of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Additionaly, you can explore the slopes of Medvednica Mountain riding on the bike or have a unique tour of Croatian capital of Zagreb. Finally, if you are a fan of lagers, attend a tour of local craft beer facilities. All of these events are affordable and exceptional.

Historical Tesla Tower Replica

In order to commemorate two great individuals, Croatia-born inventor Nikola Tesla and English singer David Bowie, one of INmusic stages will feature a huge replica of Wardenclyffe Tower. This unique attraction will certainly charm a lot of visitors, and add to the spectacle of performing artists.

Art & Entertainment

Great music line won’t be the only entertaining option for visitors. A special spot will exist for testing your skills in Guitar Hero video game, and those unafraid to show their singing talents can even join a karaoke show.  Theater art will also be covered thanks to notable actors Vilim Matula, Senka Bulic and Zijah Sokolovic.

Cashless Transactions

Worried about your precious money stash in the tent? Don’t be. Thanks to OTP Bank, attendees of the festival can use Cashless Festival Cards for all kinds of onsite purchases. Functioning as every other pre-paid card, these can be easily topped with new amounts of money at special kiosks. And once the INmusic finishes, you get all the unused credit back.


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