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If you are currently in Zagreb, chances are that you are attending this year’s edition of Croatia’s largest musical outdoor festivity. Images of INmusic festival are constantly coming to our editorial board, thanks to hard-working crews of photojournalists which are present onsite. In addition of doing their job, they are also having lots of fun, as the festival is known for its good vibes and positive attitude.

Images of INmusic Festival Revealed

Lauded by CNN, BBC, Huffington Post and National Geographic, INmusic Festival has been perceived as “Croatian Woodstock” and annually gathers dozens of influential musicians with thousands of their devoted fans. The event takes place on the inlets of Jarun Lake in Zagreb, which are connected via small pedestrian bridges. Such scenery greatly adds to unique atmosphere of this festivity, especially when you learn that attendees are welcome to form a tent and stay on Jarun as long as INmusic lasts.

Images of INmusic Festival Revealed

Check out the images of INmusic festival in our gallery below.


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