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In modern days, Croatia is perceived as a country of joy, natural beauty and prime entertainment. But about 25 years ago, the pictures coming from Croatia were completely different. Following the crumble of Yugoslavian Federation, former allies became bitter enemies and engaged in one of the bloodiest military conflicts after World War II. “Image of War” is a museum and permanent exhibition dealing with this horrid part of Croatian history, featuring numerous photographs of many contributors. Some of them were professional photographers, while other belonged to passionate amateurs determined to tell the tale with their art. Certain images were taken while their author was in no safe position.

“Image of War” is not a politically motivated exhibition, though. It is a product of independent local initiative with creative direction of Brodoto Social Impact Agency. The aim of the project is to depict war in its raw form, warning the audiences about its grim reality. In a way it preserves the past and secures the future at the same time. For people interested in modern history of Balkan region, this is really a great opportunity to broaden their understanding of Yugoslav fallout.

You can visit this museum in Zagreb, Ulica Andrije Hebranga 4 in the close vicinity of Zrinjevac Park. It is opened every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. The exhibition contains images some may find disturbing, but there is no easy way of showing the horrors of war. The entrance fee for single person is 50 HRK / 6,75 €, with discounts provided to couples, large groups and student populations.

If you seek more information, visit “Image of War” official website. Share your thoughts and impressions in our comments section below. Once you finish with attendance, you can clear your mind in the beautiful outdoors of neighboring Zrinjevac Park becoming reminded of Croatia’s much stable present.

Photo: Image of War


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