The Zagreb Times Sinke

Fans of fine gin might have a reason to visit Croatia’s capital, as locals of Zagreb are planning to found their very own craft distillery. Lead by Filip Presecki, the team behind this project hopes to provide their hometown with a novel brand and a unique feature that would benefit both residents and their foreign guests.

The distillery is not imagined as a mere alcohol production facility, but a gathering place for people of all wits and backgrounds. Its name would be Luftbremzer, which is an old Zagreb slang for a street wise person.  The team behind the idea is not inexperienced, and they are more than ready to offer genuine gin products to their guests.

“The production of decent gin requires knowing the origins of the ingredients. The word ‘craft’ is not taken lightly, as we strive to be acquainted with Croatian wild herb pickers and family farm growers who supply our raw material demand,” Filip’s team explained.

” We have the privilege of abiding in an environment abundant with wild botanicals, so we don’t need to source them elsewhere. Our Luftbremzer Distillery works side by side with and as part of the local community. Keeping craftsmanship principles in mind, everything concerning our production is handmade to assure quality – from herb picking, macerate preparation to distilling and bottling.”

The project could use some financial aid at the beginning, however.  Thus, the handy Zagreb entrepreneurs have launched a crowdfounding campaign in hope of acquiring the funds for starting this happy place. Check out the video below for more information:


You are whole-heartedly invited to become a patron of this project, and assist these passionate Croats in their quest of founding a craft distillery. Visit their Indiegogo Campaign Page, support Luftbremzer, and consider yourself a big friend of Zagreb City. If everything goes well, visit Croatian capital and enjoy in the fruits of your aid.

Photo: Luftbremzer / Indiegogo