The Zagreb Times Sinke

Searching for a place for a special event or a celebration in Croatia? Sumica Club might just do the trick. This novel social spot is located in the woody outdoors of Sesvete Forest, on address Brestovecka cesta 181.  It is a destination in Zagreb County that could easily become your favorite.

The name Sumica, means “small forest” in Croatian language. The spot is a project of Drazana Paladin Pavelic and Iva Dudukovic of Eventstatic Studio that excels in organizing fancy gatherings and entertaining events of all kind.

“We wanted to have a social spot that is ideal in every way and tailored to our desires,” Drazana explained to Croatia Times source. “Sumica is simple and modern locality in which natural elements dominate. It follows the fact that it is literally surrounded with forest.”

The club has capacity to host up to 300 people and has additional space for crew quarters, clothes and even children area if needed. It can easily organize large birthday parties, wedding celebrations, business seminars, team building sessions and late night parties. If interested  in becoming a guest, send an e mail to or connect through Facebook.

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Photo: Rajna Photography