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Much loved and frequently visited, Tkalciceva Street of Zagreb is a place to go during fair days. Full of bars and restaurants, this longish part of Croatian Capital is a unique attraction of its own kind. Passing it through without being tempted with cakes or drinks is impossible, and the pleasant vibes are always in the air. Equally dynamic both in winter and summer months, Tkalciceva Street is a spot where you will always find a friendly face to commune in Zagreb. It is difficult to imagine that about one century ago, the street was technically a creek, even having watermills on its more powerful sections.

Tkalciceva Street

What does sunny afternoon in Tkalciceva Street look like today? You may check it out in our image gallery below, brought to you by our reader Sasa Parhun. Feel free to follow the pattern- send us your photos of fine time in Croatia and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. Just upload them on our Facebook page to share them with our online community.

Photo: Sasa Parhun