The Zagreb Times Sinke

Classy restaurants and traditional konoba taverns are places to go in Croatia. But sometimes, you just need a relaxing spot with fine coffee grains and tasty snacks. Bistro Gluten is a locality in Zagreb that provides such an experience in unique interior coupled with pleasant service.

Bistro Gluten serves home-made snacks, whose recipes were authored by owner Iva Tonkovic. She wanted to have an original menu, designed for modern people who live in urban environment and value their leisure.

Yet, one must admit that interior steals the show. Imagined as a small oasis in the middle of busy city, Bistro Gluten charms with its combinations of pink and grey colors. This pastel-like design is the work of local architectural studio called Poop, whose members also decorated the space with branded arm-chairs.

The whole inner space is technically divided into small chambers, which correspond with various types of social gatherings that can happen in the bistro. From the moment of visitor’s entrance, he or she is visually directed to the best place in Gluten for things such as quick sip of caffeine, a longish stay with a cup next to papers or communing with larger company.

Having breakfast on the so-called ‘blue terrace’ is among most popular activities. So if you fancy an early morning snack, you may as well head to Gluten. And for those who can’t live without satisfying their sweet appetites, the menu includes some rather tasty cakes.

You can find Bistro Gluten in Zagreb’s Sesvetska Street 3. You can also learn more about the place on its official website. And in case you are impressed by interior design of this notable gathering spot in Croatia, consider using services of Poopstudio.

Charming and offering delicious thingies, this spot may be a perfect relax zone during your stay in Croatian Capital of Zagreb, the beautiful city with almost millennia of history.

Photo: Kristijan Smok