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A notable cultural event has just been concluded in Zagreb. Called Hairstyle News 2018, it was dedicated to professional and sometimes artistically wacky hair designs. Featuring numerous catwalk sessions and designs of influential local hair stylists, the manifestation didn’t lack charm and glamour.

Hairstyle News 2018

Hairstyle News 2018 was the fifteenth edition of the event, which also has an international character. The whole project is associated with the magazine of the same name that deals with unique hair design and aims to connect the craft’s professional community in Croatia.

Hairstyle News 2018

Be brave and inspired to change your appearances. Who knows, maybe you will opt to do so precisely before or during your stay in Croatia. If you know local language, visit the official site of Hairstyle News, or send them an e-mail for tips on where to get yourself transformed. Check out our image gallery below and consider arriving to the event in the following year.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / Hanza Media