The Zagreb Times Sinke

There are many beautiful birds in this world, but one species is literally the symbol of grace in every culture. We are talking about swans, of course. Gracious and intelligent, these animals are always a thrill to meet and provide a beautiful encounter. The swan flock in Croatia’s Kopacki Rit nature park follows the pattern and is one of the reasons why you should visit this locality even in the winter period. Once the snowflakes start to fall from sky, these birds retreat to this notable destination in Continental Croatia and enjoy its hospitality.

Kopacki Rit has a lot of human visitors, even in winter. Because of that, this particular swan flock is well adjusted to human presence. As a matter of fact, since guests of Nature Park usually carry food, the birds are quite delighted at the first sight of bipedal mammal with a camera in his or her hands. It explains the abundance of photos in our image gallery below, brought to you by Emica Elvedji.

Kopacki Rit can be found in North-East Croatia, in the relative vicinity of Osijek. It is surrounded with rivers Drava and Danube. These flood the area on yearly basis, drastically changing the landscape of the park in the process. In no way is this harming local nature. As a matter of fact, it greatly contributes to variety of environment, especially local animal species.

Kopacki Rit is the most important bird locality in Croatia, and one of the largest swamp areas of its kind in Europe. The aforementioned swan flock is merely one of thousand bird groups that dwell on its premises. It has been determined that more than 2000 faunal species exist in this park, leading to its nomination for UNESCO World Nature Heritage status.

The swans eagerly wait for your arrival, hopefully before the spring comes. It is still easier for them to find food in warmer periods than in chilly sceneries that are now present in Kopacki Rit.

Photo: Emica Elvedji / CROPIX