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An accommodation unlike any other waits for you in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. And in addition of being original, it also comes with very important recognition of international scale. Futuristic Subspace Hostel in Zagreb has just won the first prize at International Hospitality Awards 2017, thus officially becoming the best site of its kind in Europe.

In many terms, this hostel became a feature of its own to Zagreb.  It has interior that resembles a starship from science fiction series, and visitors are settled in specially designed cabin compartments. Although not very spacious, these are equipped with high-tech gadgets, including large television sets.  In addition, they are air-conditioned and sound-proof, allowing the occupants to fully enjoy their fictional stay between Croatian stars.

Attractive even to people who aren’t fans of science fiction, futuristic subspace hostel managed to greatly impress the jury of International Hospitality Awards. The competition was quite harsh, including 315 hostels from 21 European countries. Half of the score was attributed by jury members, while the remaining two quarters were based on reviews of and websites.

Some of our journalists have spent a night in Subspace. This was long time ago, so we can be assured that new features have been added to already fantastic accommodation. In case you plan to stay in Zagreb, check out the hostel’s official website and explore its offer. In our opinion, it is as stellar as it could possibly be.

Photo: Matea Petrovic / Hanza Media


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