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Visiting Croatia’s northern regions? In that case, you’d be very unfortunate not to visit the gorgeous town of Varazdin. A few years ago, it was included in the list of 52 Top Tourist Destinations published in New York Times. The settlement is quite known for its Baroque architecture, especially once it comes to urban palaces. It also features a multitude of extraordinary events, such as Spancirfest. It would take a lot of websites to mention every reason why Varazdin is so great, so we’ll note only four of them. In other words, here are four great things to enjoy in Varazdin.

Museum of Angels

According to fine artist Zeljko Prstec, Varazdin is a town in which angels sleep. This is also the reason why he is so much professionally involved with them as a motif. Visit Varazdin’s Museum of Angels on address Silvije Strahimira Kranjcevica Street 14, and explore these winged beings and their unique world. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the works of Prstec, as his art is opened to anyone, and will impress no matter one’s spiritual beliefs.

The World of Insects

Professor Franjo Koscec was teaching at local gymnasium for years, sharing his passion for natural world with the students he tutored. His collection of enlarged insects, herbariums, photographs and historical items for biological research are now part of an important exhibition in Herczer Palace of Varazdin. Being of permanent nature, it has over 4500 exhibits, and is a true gem to anyone interested in insect biology.

Purgar Guards

Varazdin’s royal guard has been founded in 1750 by statue of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. Consisting only from man of exquisite honor and courage, this military unit is a vital part of town’s long tradition and history. Also known as purgars, these people still proudly wear their blue uniforms. You can witness the ceremony of guard change in summer and fall months. It occurs every Saturday at 11 a.m. in front of Varazdin Town Hall.

Vatroslav Jagic Promenade

A gorgeous walking spot where one can enjoy the wonderful scents of local plant life, Vatroslav Jagic Promenade traces its roots from early 19th century. Just visiting this place to write a simple e-mail on your tablet is already an experience to be had, but if you ask us, it is a great spot to engage in book reading.

These were four great things to enjoy in Varazdin. Come to this wonderful Croatian city and find even more reasons to love it!

Photo: Zeljko Hajdinjak / Cropix


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