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Kutina is a Croatian town located in the country’s continental area, about 70 kilometers away from Zagreb. It is nicknamed ‘Green Town’ due to numerous forests and parks which exist on its ground. Here are five other things to love in this charming Croatian settlement.

Church of St. Mary of the Snows

Having a sumptuary baroque altar and rich fresco ornaments on walls, this Catholic shrine is the very heart of Kutina. Even if you are not a religious person, you will be impressed by its visual design and quiet, mystical vibe.

Moslavina Houses

The region of Moslavina has developed its very own architectural style, and Kutina’s center has several houses constructed in this way. It only takes one look at these wooden cottages to hear cracking of a fireplace and imagine a table full of traditional delicacies. Plus, one of them has an observatory!

Archeological findings

Long before Kutina’s founding in 13th century, people lived on its soil. This is proven by several archeological digs, where traces of Roman presence was detected. Also, the remains of so-called Vuceldol culture were found as well, since it flourished in Moslavina approximately 5000 years ago.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

The largest swamp area in Danube’s catchment basin provides home to many bird species, including herons, eagles, hawks and ferruginous ducks. If you are in Kutina, feel free to make an excursion to Lonjsko Polje, and don’t forget to visit Cigoc, the village of storks.

Segedin Store

Wish to have a slip of home-made schnapps, delivered in a specially designed bottle? In this case, go to Radiceva street in Kutina, where Segedin store sells such merchandize, as well as various kinds of tasty fruit jam.

Croatia is not just beautiful on the coastline. The Town of Kutina proves that inland localities are also worthy of one foreigner’s visit.

Photo : Tom Stivac / Cropix


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