The Zagreb Times Sinke

There is a saying that girls have changed. If you give them a red rose, some of them might find that a little too cheesy. But gift them a sunflower and they will melt from your romantic talent. Whether this is true, we leave to one’s personal opinion and preferences. But there is no lie in fact that this flower kind looks as gorgeous as ever.

Sunflowers are abundant in Croatia, especially its continental region of Slavonia. The plant seed is used for food, and also provides the residents with tasty oil. Of course, they are always a beautiful sight as well, especially if you are lucky enough to venture their fields.

The plant is well known for its ability to move its upper parts in order to track the sun. The characteristic vanishes as they enter the blooming phase.

Does walking through the gorgeous sunflower fields sound like a nice way to spend a day in Croatia? Here is a photo gallery of one field in Slavonia Region. Let it be an inspiration for you to visit this part of Croatia.

Photo: Emica Elvedji / Hanza Media