The Zagreb Times Sinke

It is easy to get into Christmas spirit, if you are surrounded with good people that are always ready to help the needy. One such individual is certainly Santa Clause that decided to show his athletic skills in Croatian City of Slavonski Brod. This year marks the first time that outdoor Advent celebrations have been organized in its Lutvinka neighborhood, and the red-coated senior decided to have a grandiose entrance.

Santa climbing down a house in Lutvinka

Climbing down from the fifth floor of a high building, Santa Clause of Lutvinka made many children quite excited. Who knows, maybe some of these young minds will join Croatian Mountain Rescue Services in the future, aiding those in need just because of this Christmas event.  Santa has ended his descent successfully, joining the crowds and sharing the merry sentiments.

Santa climbing down a house in Lutvinka

Be inspired to visit Croatia during Christmas season, as the country is not just a summer destination. And even if you can’t for some reason, consider adding some dishes that are usual for Croatian Christmas Table on your Merry menu.

Photo: Danijel Soldo / CROPIX