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Imagine an accommodation which openly communicates with residing people, introducing them to the world of Croatian fables and myths. Hotel Prica, located in Rakov Potok near Town of Samobor, is precisely such location. “It is me, the only hotel which talks to guests,” says a pleasant voice as you enter its premises. “Do not be afraid, for I am not haunted. All the tales from my rooms are pleasant and end well.”

This accommodation facility is surrounded with pristine natural beauty of continental Croatia, as well as some rather interesting points of cultural importance. As such, it is a perfect retreat for people seeking peace in the country’s northeast regions, especially those who like fantasy themes and legends. Hotel Prica is centered on these topics, always ready to explain what witches cooked in cauldrons and how to deal with invisible warlocks called nevidljivici.


The whole project has been envisioned by architects Ivana Zalac, Natasa Fiolica and Margita Grubisa of SKROZ studio. “The oral traditions of Samobor region have been materialized in this space. Each room has its own motif, but always retaining the fantasy vibe,” Ivana Zalac explained to LC source.

Hotel Prica features six rooms, which largely differ one from another. For example, one called Thrush’s Nest is imagined as an old-fashioned birdcage, while the Firefly Meadow embraces its visitors in charming nocturnal tones.

This year, the owners will also add a diner, café bar and a family house to the complex, in addition to kindergarten which is already active. The outdoors of hotel features the so-called Park of Wishes, which is decorated with surreal sculptures.


If you are seeking an original space dedicated to visitor’s experience, Hotel Prica is definitely worthy of your attention. Visit the official website of the place, or check out our image gallery below for more information.


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