The Zagreb Times Sinke

This weekend, noble knights-to-be and princesses-in-training are invited with their parents to Stari Grad of Lukavec. It is an old keep with large forts, a perfect setting for an event such as Perunfest. It is a festivity dedicated to forgotten stories and folktales from ancient ages. Organized by Turopolje Museum and under management of Zdenko Basic, a notable author of several picture books that deal with the topic, Perunfest will certainly leave an impression.

Through rich two-day program, visitors can attend exhibitions of costumes and scarecrows, witness the power of withces and villae, talk to mysterious ghosts or participate in making a hay sculpture of Perun himself. For those who don’t know, this being was a Slavic deity, believed to govern skies and command thunder.

In addition, visitors will be able to hone their skills in crafts such as runic writing or cosplaying. Theater performances, musical concerts and fireworks are guaranteed as well.

Stari Grad Lukavec is located in close proximity of Velika Gorica. The keep’s towers have been used as dungeons for witches in 18th century, but today serve as an attractive historical locality. Consider visiting Perunfest and learn about tales from Croatian past.