The Zagreb Times Sinke

Certainly a destination worthy of anyone’s attention, Kopacki Rit is a nature park close to Croatian City of Osijek. It is located in the region called Baranja, surrounded with river banks of Drava and Danube. A swamp blooming with life, Kopacki rit features over 140 bird species and is considered to become a part of UNESCO Natural Heritage list.

The park is unique because of constant river flooding that causes changes in natural environment. The landscapes of Kopacki Rit are always emerging anew, forming sceneries of beauty that are never exactly the same.

In recent years, local tourism has also blossomed. Most visitors are arriving for fishing and hunting sessions, but those just in search for a pleasant stay in Kopacki Rit are also on the rise.  In our image gallery below  you can see what destination looks like during peak winter months.

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Photo: Ivan Peric / Cropix