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La Bodega is a popular brunch & coffee bar in Bogoviceva street, located in the very center of Zagreb. With warmer weather on the go, guests of this notable place can enjoy a lovely outdoor terrace, work of a renowned Croatian exterior designer Zeljka Kolak.

„I always wanted to influence urban life with my works,“ Zeljka said to LC Source. „The quality of life is often neglected in cities, due to stress and increased tempo of living. People often dream about having their own space, where they can take a break.  Most of them don’t have their own gardens, but enjoy owning a small terrace or at least a balcony. That’s why I turned my attention to designing small urban oases.”

La Bodega (8)

Visitors of La Bodega are very pleased with the terrace and the atmosphere which reigns below its sheltering tent. Reminiscent of a classy garden, it’s a perfect place for an afternoon espresso or long chat with friends.

“When imagining the terrace for La Budega, I wanted to add as much plants as I can. But at the same time, I didn’t want them to be a nuisance in the space. I really wanted the scenery to be attractive and even therapeutic for the visitors,” Zeljka explains through smile.

Check out what La Bodega terrace looks like in our photo gallery below. And in case you want to contact Zeljka and arrange something for your urban oases, feel free to visit her website Moj Balkon.

La Bodega (3)

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