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Croatia might be a prime destination for your summer stay, but that doesn’t mean its localities lack appeal in other seasons of the year. The photo above shows what winter in Zagorje looks like and one can’t ignore its genuine beauty. The image was taken by Zoran Stanko, and brought to our attention by reader Kristijan Dumencic. It shows the village of Prigorec in late 2017, after a period of dense snowing. The white layer was 15 centimeters thick at the time- more than capable for every form of icy entertainment.

Zoran Stanko

The Region of Zagorje can be considered a hidden gem of Croatia. It is located in the country’s Northwest Territories, and is unjustly neglected in tourist sense, being far away from the renowned coastline. Full of beautiful plains and old castles, it is a landscape that reminds of a fairytale, especially once its long history is considered. If visiting Zagreb, Zagorje can be a source of many great trips.

Zoran has done well depicting winter in Zagorje region. Join his craft with your own camera. Send us your own photos and videos of Croatia, and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. Just upload them to our offical Facebook Wall.

Feature Photo: Zoran Stanko