The Zagreb Times Sinke

The region of Baranja can be found in the far northeast of Croatia, neighboring much larger Slavonia. The name comes from old Hungarian Baranya, which literally translates as ‘Mother of Wines’. One doesn’t have to explain why precisely this title was given to this part of Croatia; however, wines are not the only thing you may encounter there.

Technically, the name was given to a larger area, a huge plain that occupies a considerable portion of central Balkan Peninsula.  Today, it connects Croatian and Hungarian soil. Rich in historical background and having a large number of picturesque settlements, Croatian Baranja also features fine gastronomy, usually consisting of meat dishes.

It might be a great spot for an excursion, especially if you’d like to change the scenery from Adriatic shoreline into something different, possibly equally stunning. On the photo above, a typical senior of Baranja, wearing the region’s attire, presents a traditional pork roast of Baranja on Zagreb’s St. Mark’s Square.

His face is all the invitation you need to explore this unique part of Croatia.