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In past, roses were flowers greatly associated with romance and intimate feelings. However, frequent use somewhat made them kitschy. This is where sunflowers take in. Buy them for your partner or pick them up in sunflower fields, and you can expect your partner to be touched in the most sensitive way possible.

Sunflowers are not only nice decorations and tokens of appreciation. They are quite unique kind of plants, moving their golden heads throughout the day, following the great yellow circle in the skies above. The sun-like plant is also vital to food production, as it brings edible oil and semen that can have a wide range of application.

If you wish to have a lovely outdoor experience, consider spending some time in sunflower fields. Surrounded with their gorgeous flower heads, it will seem to you as if you are visiting a distant planet and are joined by local golden extraterrestrials. Wits aside, it is really a unique experience, as can be proven by our image gallery below, brought to you by photographer Kos Vlado.

The images were taken in the sunflower fields of Osijek, a beautiful town in Slavonia region of Croatia. Although far from Adriatic Sea, this region has plenty of its own unique features that attract numerous visitors throughout the year. Largely known for its picturesque towns and welcoming villages, Slavonia is also popular as a destination for dining and exploring natural sights. Kopacki Rit might be a great place to visit for the latter, and foreigners also laud settlements such as Dakovo, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci and banks of Danube river.

If you have visited Osijek and its surrounding Slavonian areas, we bet you made some great pictures. Share them on our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. Have Vlado’s gallery below as an inspiration.

Photo: Vlado Kos / CROPIX