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In the northern parts of Croatian Zagorje region, one can find the forest of Maceljska Suma. Immediately next to this picturesque part of the country, Opeka Arboretum is drawing the attention of all avid nature lovers. It is actually a segment of a larger estate, which is tied to Opeka castle in the vicinity. Having 64 hectares in size, the arboretum is designed in the English style of gardening, featuring more than 100 000 various plant species.

Opeka Arboretum has flourished in mid-19th century, when he became the ownership of Count Marko Bombelles. This individual was quite a globe trotter, and had passion for horticulture. With assistance of Viennese architects, he transformed the already impressive garden into a rich botanical haven with plants from all over the world. Since 2007, the site has received state protection.

If you enjoy the fall season and are happy to walk through forests of colorful beauty, visiting Opeka Arboretum is a guarantee of time well spend. You can see how gorgeous the landscape is in our image gallery below. During your stay, feel free to take a few photos or video clips and share them with our online community.

There are more things you can do in Croatian forests, such as picking up mushrooms or just spending a day in their outdoors.

Photo: Zeljko Hajdinjak / CROPIX