The Zagreb Times Sinke

A new café bar has been opened recently in Croatian capital, and will surely attract a lot of fantasy-loving guests. The owners are big fans of Harry Potter, and have decided to arrange the bar’s interior accordingly. Everything in this place has a taste of magic, and while the Rowling’s character wasn’t the only inspiration, one can really feel as if being in the Hogwarts cafeteria.


The Potter’s central spot is a large magical tree, which covers most of its interior spot. The walls are decorated with paintings depicting various fantasy locations, while the shelves are filled with corresponding literature. Guests are free to read these during their visit, and while drinking refreshing beverages. Some ornaments have been bought on local antique sales, but a portion of them was brought from Vienna.

The café has an outdoor terrace which will also operate in the year’s colder season. A section for kids is being prepared too, so guests of all generations can be relaxed during their visit.


Potter can be found on the address Sesvetska 1, on the Kennedy Square. If you feel thirsty and seek a unique space, park your flying monkeys in this area, and have a cup in the wizard bar.  Check out their Facebook Page too.