The Zagreb Times Sinke

Shopping is an uplifting activity, especially if conducted during a vacation in foreign country. If you like nice clothes, the name to search for in Croatia is ELFS. This local fashion brand is the work of two talented entrepreneurs called Aleksandar Sekuljica and Ivan Tandaric. It has been active for almost a decade and has considerable presence in the region. In addition to those located in Zagreb, ELFS shops can be found in Split, Rijeka, Mostar and Frankfurt. The company also dispatches their products across the world, usually in Australica, Sweden, USA and Canada.

The brand has recently opened a new store in Croatian Capital. Located in Amruseva Street 17, it stretches across 350 square meters and offers hundreds of classy wardrobe items on shelves. The star of the show is Timeless, the new ELFS collection that is bound to have a great future on Europe’s fashion scene.

“Our last store became too small, so we are very happy with new locality,” Aleksandra Sekuljica said to Croatia Times soruce. “It allowed us to connect all the things we are working on at the moment. We are developing novel concepts and I’m happy to say that ELFS will present some pleasant surprises soon.”

If in Zagreb, head to Amruseva Street and buy yourself something fancy. However, if you don’t plan to visit Croatia anytime soon, you may access ELFS products through their online webshop and get them sent pretty much everywhere in the world.

Photo: Danijel Galic