The Zagreb Times Sinke

Croats are not just in love with pancakes. For them, it is a part of cultural upbringing. It doesn’t matter which region or generation is asked about pancakes, Croats will always put a smile on their faces once the delicacy is mentioned. The same goes for the nation’s capital, which received a new pancake diner called Flap Jack’s. In addition to eating itself, the site is interesting for its unique interior design, signed by Ida Katic and Josipa Opacak.

The diner can be found on address Rudeska cesta 160, located in what used to be a winery. The interior was completely renovated, and the exterior terrace will soon reach its optimal looks. Flap Jack’s charms with its colorful walls and oak-tree furniture, with antique items on the shelves adding to the pleasant atmosphere. That space used to be a winery is proven by an old barrel, which now holds the sink in the kitchen.

The owners explained that Flap Jack’s is a term used for American tradition of pancake preparation. But the name also favors the local understanding of English name “Jack”, which is sometimes used to describe a witty and street-wise individual, capable of achieving his goals and endeavors.

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Photo: Sandra Simunovic / Hanza Media