The Zagreb Times Sinke

Since its beautiful sceneries took part in Game of Thrones, Croatia became among favorite tourist locations of fantasy lovers in the world. This, expectedly, opened a number of shops that sell merchandize of interest to this large subculture. One of them, called Here Be Dragons, is getting quite a lot of buzz. Initially founded in Split, the line managed to open its second shop in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. Offering a wide range of products from franchises such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Star Wars, it is a perfect place for your inner knight, mage or some other secret identity.

Visitors are able to purchase magic rods, fantasy-inspired jewelry, figures and replicas of fable-like localities or even the broom used by Harry Potter himself. The items are licensed by companies holding intellectual rights to franchises, meaning they are as genuine as they can possibly be. You won’t find any cheap copies behind the doors of Here Be Dragons. In addition, a large dragon model is displayed for visitors, and you are free to take photo of yourself riding it.

“We wanted our shop to give more to tourists than cups and fridge magnets,” said Mario Mutvar, the head of the company. “It took quite a lot of time for us to arrange all the details, but we are very satisfied with how Here Be Dragons look like. The shop is equally attractive to passionate admirers of fantasy genre and those who just came in for the sake of curiosity.”

If being in Split, visit Here Be Dragons on address Ulica Julija Nepota 8. In case of being in Zagreb, the gigantic reptiles wait for you in Tkalciceva Street, just next to Mali Medo beer brewery.  Park your brooms on Dolac Marketplace, please.

Photo: Branko Covic