The Zagreb Times Sinke

The ninth month of the year is quite unique in terms of naming. In English language, September is derived from septem, which actually means ‘seventh’. This is because of its position in Roman calendar, which is slightly different than the one we use today.

In Croatian language, the word for this month is rujan and the name has nothing to do with any numbers. The word actually comes from rujanje, a term that describes deer sounds in Croatian forests.  Right before fall, these animals begin their mating rituals, leading to some rather unique ‘audio phenomena’.

Speaking of fall season- while not being summertime, it is still a fine time of the year to visit Croatia. If for nothing else, you can explore the rich world of local forests and have long strolls through their colorful environments. Just don’t expect spots to be very silent, since it is rujan afterall.

The images in this article were recently acquired in Repas forest. It is located in the far east of Croatian territories, near the old town of Molve. If being in this part of Croatia, consider visiting Cingi Lingi, a tourist settlement on the banks of lake bearing the same funny name. Being a sort of coastal locality, we advise visiting Cingi Lingi  before the beginning of September.

Photo: Boris Kovacev / CROPIX