The Zagreb Times Sinke

Zagreb has become one of the most cherished European capitals, and surge in tourist visits prompted the opening of numerous interesting museums and entertainment facilities. One of the most novel and original ones is the so-called Morpheus, which can be described as an escape room with a twist.

Up to five attendees enter a room and sit on their chairs. Their sight in concealed by specially designed masks. They are not alone, but in company of two actors which begin to tell the eerie tale. What follows is 90 minutes of suspense and excitement, during which attendees can only use their scent, touch and hearing to interact with the imaginative realm of Morpheus.

Several scenarios of this game are available, but at the time of writing this text only the one called Hippocrates Oath is available in English. It stages the participants in post-cataclysmic world where human life has lost any meaning and hard decisions wait at every corner. Yet with teamwork and dedication, the participants may find hope and respite.

Although featuring some strong and emotional experiences, the game is suitable even for early-age teenagers. Nothing can harm the participants while playing, but suggestive people and those keen to panic may find it a little bit stressful in some cases. However, imaginative adrenaline addicts could have the time of their lives.  It should be noted that if players find Morpheus too much to handle for their team, they can interrupt the game and leave without payment. So, nothing is preventing you from entering this fascinating activity.

Part narrative experience and part theatrical piece, Morpheus has gained notable attention and is regularly visited by tourists in Zagreb. Initially, the format was imagined in Moscow, from which it spread across European continent. From what we can tell, the Croatian edition is high-quality and will provide you with genuine playthrough in the way designers imagined it.

Morpheus studio is located in Ilica 65, but you can schedule your arrival on its official website.  The price is 450 HRK / 60 € per team.

After ending your chills in Morpheus, we suggest you ease your senses by visiting Zagreb 80’s museum, which can be reached after a 30-minutes walk through city center.

Photo: Morpheus