The Zagreb Times Sinke

As a restaurant, Time is a much respected name on Zagreb’s food scene. The brand has broaden their line of services, and begun to satisfy the sweet teeth of its guests as well. The relatively recent opening of Time Pastry in Teslina Street proved to be a step in right direction, since it quickly gained renown and became popular among locals and foreign guests.

The concept is fairly simple on first glance, but hides complex art behind the counter. Time Pastry offers redesigned versions of popular Croatian cakes and cookies, allowing the visitors to explore the rich world of local cuisine together with original approach of expert Robert Hromalic. Every cake slice is individually prepared, although full-sized order is also an option.

The idea is that each delicacy has its own dominating taste, and is prepared with a specific component such as hazelnut paste, almonds, walnuts or salty caramel. They all come in variety of shapes, ranging from mousse to biscuit. Robert was working on a concept during his education in France, and fine-tuned his ideas once he was technically ready. In addition to specialties that are linked with Croatian heritage, guests can expect a lot of tasty surprises in the future.

But Time pastry is also a sort of gift shop. You may buy their products arranged in a fancy PVC box, serving as an elegant present to people you care about. And elegant and worthy investment, it is a sign of genuine appreciation and won’t be unnoticed by person being gifted.

The pricing range is relatively high for Croatia. A single order can cost up to 30 HRK / 4 €, since each offered consumable is individually approached and literally a sole piece of pastry art.  Drinks on the menu include rose and raspberry flavored lemonade, orange juice with elderflower and green curry, coffee and champagne. The pastry’s interior is work of architect Ante Vrban.

If you can’t resist sweet temptations, come to Zagreb and discover the world of tastes in Teslina Street 14.

Photo: Berislava Picek / Hanza Media