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The Croatian Capital has won the title of having the Best European Christmas Market for the third time in a row. If you are in Croatia for the season, don’t hesitate to visit its lovely stands and enjoy the tasty delicacies offered. We already covered the Fuliranje event in our previous article, and now we are reviewing the meals served in Zrinjevac Park.  Check out our brand new Zagreb Advent Food guide.

Situated between main square of Josip Jelacic and picturesque plateau behind Zagreb’s Academy of Art and Sciences, Zrinjevac is a gorgeous green spot in the very heart of Croatian capital. In winter, it becomes a part of the city’s much loved advent fair. Here is what you can find on this charming place.

Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media

Struklica (by Okrugljak)

If you want to get quantity for your money, this spot will do perfectly. Two debrecinka sausages are being sold for 18 HRK / 2,40 €, although their taste isn’t the best you can find. Traditionally, Okrugljak sells fine strukli delicacies of Zagorje region for 22 HRK /3 €, and specially brewed Christmas tea for 10 HRK / 1.30 €.

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If you wish to try soparnik, a pie which originates from Poljica region in Dalmatia, Lefty’s is a place to go. However, be aware that portion is not very large, and the dish was served cold in our case. It is a shame, as many would invest 14 HRK / 1,90 € to try something as genuinely Croatian as soparnik. That being said, for 35 HRK you can get goulash served in bread that looked impressive and sweet rose wine for 14 HRK /1,90 €.

Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media

Bar 45

We opted to buy some fritulas in Bar 45, which features more than friendly crew. However, the food served didn’t live to our expectations, mostly due to not-so-tasty chocolate spread. We paid 20 HRK / 2,70 €, which is the same price for sugared almonds offered at this place. Mulled wine can be acquired for 14 HRK / 1,90 €.

Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media

Plavi Skarnicl

The charming little cottage with ice-skates has been known for its rolled grill sausages, and it continues to serve them in 2017. We tried their white wine, and concluded it has a very strong taste due to large quantities of spices. Some buyers might love it that way, though.

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Probably among the most recognizable burger bars in Zagreb, Submarine doesn’t disappoint on Advent. Their Xmas burger comes with tasty beef meat, mustard and honey sauce as well as red cabbage, bacon and dried plums. The price of 48 HRK / 6,40 € is high according to local standards, but compared to offer of some other burger bars on Christmas market, it is relatively acceptable. Consider it highly recommended item of our Zagreb Advent Food Guide.

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Literally translated, fritulica means a small fritula. The name would suggest a fine offer of this delicacy; unfortunately the serving was almost cold and had an unimpressive chocolate spread.

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Serving winter sausages in both spicy and mild variants, Koliba can also be highly recommended. If you are a fan of these meals, this is a place to go in Zrinjevac Park. The price is also acceptable- a single sausage comes with bread bum and costs 18 HRK / 2,40 €, while those who like sweat tastes can order strudel for 16 HRK.

Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media

Stara Presa

Winter in Croatia can’t pass without sarma dish, a ball of minced meat rolled in cabbage. Stara Presa offers these for 28 HRK / 3,70 €, and we deem it a fair offer. Sarma is good in taste and won’t leave you hungry. Apple strudel costs 16 HRK / 2,20 €  while small glass of Frankovka wine is 9 HRK / 1,20 €.

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Vivat Fina Vina

Admirers of wine have plenty of reasons to visit this stand, as the offer is more than tempting. Mulled Portgieser costed us 14 HRK / 1, 85 €, and we enjoyed the drink very much. It wasn’t too spicy and has a refreshingly sweat taste.

This was our Zagreb Advent Food guide for Zrinjevac Park. Follow Croatia Times for more tips and suggestions of Europe’s Best Marketplace.

Reviewed by: Vana Babic, Anita Saric / Dobra Hrana

Feature Photo: Goran Mehkek / Hanza Media