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One can’t have enough praise for Croatian coast, but that doesn’t mean other parts of the country are unworthy of your visit. The gorgeous Plitvice National Park is soon to receive another top-class accommodation, called Korana Relaxation Resort. This little haven of luxury surrounded with pristine nature is project of Valentic family and will soon open its doors to guests from all over the world. The class is guaranteed as the design is signed by prestigious firm Lotus Architecti.

The locality is situated on the charming banks of Korana River. It can be found close to national park’s official borders, in immediate vicinity of Slunj Town. During the year’s hotter period, the destination is a vivid place blooming with color and life. One can enjoy numerous swimming spots and romantic bridges. Yet once the snowflakes embrace the skies Korana Relaxation Resort becomes scenery we imagine from fairytales. It is without doubt a place to consider for your winter holiday season.

The entire estate numbers 15 hectares of space. In addition to a private hotel, resort will have small glamping houses and a couple of spacious villas. There will be plenty of content associated with both relaxation and physical activity.

The hotel is imagined to accept up to 150 guests. Every villa will have about 160 square meters of interior, while camper space reserves 100 square meters for its guests. The classy cottages that are immediately next to river have private terraces. In certain seasons, Korana raises its level and floods the banks. However, all structures were built with this in mind, so floods won’t  pose any threat to safety or feel of ease. Add the fact that resort comes with a high-tech spa center of its own, and you’ll probably want to schedule your arrival right away.

Korana Relaxation Resort will soon become active. Follow Croatia Times for more news on this topic and don’t forget to learn more about the country’s continental offer.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / CROPIX