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With the Merry Season approaching, a lot of people are choosing Croatia as the destination in which they plan to spend the happy holidays. If you are among these, you just can’t ignore the Christmas Theme Park which is taking place in Grabovica settlement. It is probably the most Christmassy location in Croatia at the moment.


We are, of course, talking about the estate of Salaj family, which is traditionally ornamented with colorful lighting bulbs. This year, the owners have used no less than two million of them in order to provide their guests with the season’s vibe.

The renowned Salajland is as big as two soccer terrains combined. It will provide visitors with a rather unique adventure, gorgeous sceneries and pleasant atmosphere. The experience is especially impressive for the youngest generations, but older fans of the holiday will also come to their terms. Annually, about 100 000 visitors arrive to Grabovica just to witness this spectacle. Some of them came from as far as Japan.


The Christmas Theme Park will be opened until January 15th, so feel free to arrive even in post-Holiday season. The entrance fee is 4 €, and working hours are between 4 p.m. and 9. p.m. Salaj family members suggest you don’t visit during the weekend days, as the crowds are more frequent.

Finally, you’ll be glad to know that the local diner is fully functional, so you won’t be hungry during your visit.  The special train line is also existent, so reaching Grabovica shouldn’t be much of an issue. The transportation is assured by Santa Clause, who also drives the train.


Our photo reporters were recent visitors of this fascinating outdoor location. During their stay, they made a lot of photos, which you can check out below. Let these serve as an invitation to a romantic Grabovica and the estate of Salaj family.


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