The Zagreb Times Sinke

In Croatia, coffee is always a topic to talk about. No matter the region or collar color, the black nectar is a part of everyday routine. In Zagreb, the artistic types found a new place to suit their tastes: a novel café bar called Kak se Sika (or as they will roughly pronounce it ‘Quak sae Sheeka’).

The name of the bar is old Zagreb slang, which can be translated as “The Way You Do It”. It quickly found its audience, as it is close to much-loved British Square and Academy of Fine Arts, both which are located in city’s broad center.

Kak se Sika has a beautiful ambient, which is not a surprise. Owned by local paintress Mihaela Olujic, it is a place of genuine positive vibe, with interior that resembles an art gallery. “I love odd and non-conventional spaces for exhibitions, so I dreamed of having a gallery that is both available and elegant,” Mihaela explained to Croatia Times source. “For me, drinking coffee is very inspirational activity, so I imagined a place that is attractive, creative and gallery-like.”

Visitors are able to smoke in the interior and take a seat on Stilus Classicus brand furniture, alongside some items from private collection. “We wanted our space to have wit and personality. We also worked closely with Aleph Design studio, which provided us with architectural and aesthetical solutions.”

You can find Kak se Sika on address Ilica 93. A single cup of Hausbrandt Academia coffee sells for 10 HRK / 1,35 €, which is the usual price for that drink in Croatia.  In addition, the bar offers a wide selection of craft beer, wine, champagne, juice, spirits and warm drinks.

If enjoying Zagreb, don’t hesitate to check out this place. It can easily be a resting point during your exploration of the old city. Take a photo of your time there and post it to our Facebook Wall as well. For now, you may check out our image gallery below, too.

Photo: Marko Todorov / Hanza Media, Kak se Sika