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Every now and then, Like Croatia talks with foreigners who decided to settle in Croatia. Chatting with them always brings interesting facts about cultural differences and what living in the country really looks like.

Heather McCrimmon arrived in Zagreb on August 1st, 2012 with her husband and their two little boys. She is from Canada and her husband is a diplomat for the Canadian Foreign Service which means they move every two to four years. Here is what this couple of Canadian Expats love most in Croatia’s lovely capital.

Neja Markicevic / CROPIX Agency
Neja Markicevic / CROPIX Agency

„We soon realized how lucky we were, Croatia is a hidden jewel. Driving from the airport to our hotel for that first night gave only a quick first impression, but my interest was piqued – the historic feeling mixed with modern accents indicated to me this was going to be an interesting post“, says Heather who is active in voluntary organizations that help people.

„During the past four years in Zagreb, I have allocated my volunteer time to two organizations – the International Women’s Club Zagreb and the American International School of Zagreb. The IWCZ is a fantastic organization that focuses on supporting all international women, Croatian women that have lived abroad, and raises much needed funds for beneficiaries all around Croatia“, Heather tells.

„My husband’s position with the Canadian Embassy brought us to Zagreb, but it was a driving trip we took in 2010 from Düsseldorf, where we were posted at the time, to Pula that developed our interest in this region. Driving through the beautiful country-side I said to my husband Bill, “What about a posting here. Two years later we were living here! You just never know where life will take you, and I am so happy it brought us here.“, she continues.

Boris Kovacev / CROPIX Agency
Boris Kovacev / CROPIX Agency

The thing she love most about Zagreb is the coffee culture – that socializing is a priority. People make an effort to connect with their family and friends, and enjoy life. Zagreb is full of culture, music, and life – it is a fun place to be!

„The green spaces are also a big favorite – Maksimir Park and Zrinejvac Square, for example, are such great places to spend time with my family, and our dog is welcome everywhere– that just makes it all the better! My family and I are mesmerized by the beauty and love felt at Mirogoj, we love to walk there and take all of our guests to experience the peace and care Croatians put into respecting their loved ones that have passed. My friends and I have become very fond of Witness Bar & Lounge Café – for coffee, drinks, parties – the owner Stipe is wonderful and caters to what his clients want…and it is smoke free! I am at the end of my four years here, and although I am looking forward to a new adventure, I am sad to leave, Zagreb will have a special place in my heart no matter where I go“, Heather concludes.

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As one can learn, members of McCrimmon Family are Canadian expats who are well-acclimatized to Croatian vibe and culture.

Heather recommends visiting these places during your stay in Zagreb:

Witness Bar&Lounge

Zrinjevac Park

Maksimir Park

Mirogoj Cemetery


 Lana Mindoljevic / THE ZAGREB TIMES


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