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The Croatian Capital has changed a lot in recent years. From a fairly developed European metropolis, it became one of the hearts for culture in gastronomy of the Old Continent. It recently confirmed its status of having the best Christmas Market in Europe, and plans more successes in the future.

In order to see what experts think of this phenomenon, we asked Denis Cupic, the leading persona behind F.O. Development firm in Croatia, for comment. According to Cupic, Zagreb needs to invest more in its accommodation facilities and winter season offer. Zagreb could also benefit from having a high-street area and more branded shops.


“A lot of people visiting Zagreb are young globe trotters, who come with limited resources,” Cupic explains. “They seek hostel accommodation, or stay in affordable private apartments. Their finances are usually not invested in restaurants with higher price range.”

One can easily notice the boom of short-term apartment rentals, proving that Zagreb is of interest to foreign visitors. However, founding hotels with quality of three or four stars could attract guests of higher spending capacity.


Cupic expressed hope that Zagreb officials will form a think-tank of developers, who would encourage the city’s output in the so-called city break tourism, as well as fair and congress offer. The Croatian capital has a strong infrastructure for the last two, meaning it can fulfill its potential.

What are your opinions on Zagreb’s tourist offer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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