The Zagreb Times Sinke

Each day, new stores open in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. Yet, not many can boast with charm and attractiveness of Kofer (‘Luggage’ in Croatian language). Situated on address Gunduliceva Street 13, it offers a unique selection of merchandize, such as charming pots, paper planners, gins and teas. One of the most purchased items is their candles in tin cans, a charming prop that contributes to coziness of interior.

The items are mostly unique and hand-made by Kofer owners Marija Matkovic and Irena Micic. “We always had a habit of making personal gifts to our friends and family. After a few years and positive feedback, we decided to offer them for purchase. This lead to us opening Kofer Store,” the passionate duo explained to Croatia Times source. “The idea is that our items, such as tin-canned candles, can easily fit in an average baggage piece. That is why we gave our store such name.”

Irena and Marija were assisted by Ivan Knezevic and Mario Pitesa, the leading people of ‘A Most Unusual Garden’. They helped with ordering of the wax for candles and their filling in the cans.  Mario has also contributed with his artistic talents, as he drew some of the illustrations imprinted on cans. Other artists that provided their services are Issa Bratinovic, Lana Hudina and Marko Dajak.

In future, the owners plan to add exotic spices, notebooks and greeting cards to their offer. One can certainly recommend their store for buying souvenirs and gifts for people at home. The prices of candles start at 60 HRK / 8 € , while charming money boxes can be acquired for as low as 55 HRK / 7,50 €. Kofer is opened every day but Sunday, between 10 am and 9 pm. Since Gunduliceva is located in the very center of Zagreb, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt to visit and find something to your liking.

Photo: Vedran Tolic