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The town of Drnis is located in Sibenik-Knin County. It was founded as a fort during military confrontation with Ottoman Empire, and has a lot of historical sites on its soil. But the main feature of this Croatian settlement is prosciutto, a delicious dried ham which serves as an unofficial symbol of the country’s gastronomical offer. This delicacy, and many more, can now be accessed in Croatian Capital of Zagreb, thanks to the store called Bura i Sol.

Bura i Sol

Bura i Sol (Translated in English, „Bora Wind and Salt“) can be found in Krapinska street 27, and is owned by Domagoj Marin. This Drnis-born resident has travelled all across the world, only to return to his homeland and continue working in his family prosciutto company. In order to broaden their business, Marin opened Bura i Sol in Zagreb, offering locals and foreign visitors top delicacies from Drnis area.

In addition to prosciutto, customers can buy home-made pancetta, pecenica and sokol meat products. Traditional Dalmatian spices, such as pure Adriatic salt mixed with local herbs, are also on the shelves. However, top chefs and gourmands will surely opt for the one which combines the aromas of almond, hornbeam and immortelle plants with juices which dipped from prosciutto during its smoking. This spice really makes every dish a prime delicacy.

“Customers love our spreads, which are made of prosciutto bits mixed with Dalmatian cheeses and spices,” Domagoj Marin noted, showing his impressive merchandize. “We also offer a wide range of traditional Croatian cheeses, including Lecevacki, Delma Ovcji, Drniski Kozji and Sir iz Misine.

Bura i Sol

Bura i Sol also offers top Croatian wines, home-made jams, honey and spirits. For those who like experimentation, the store has a rather original dish to try- a chocolate with prosciutto. It is not an expected combination of flavors, but knowing what kinds of specialties are provided by the store, one should not approach it with skepticism.



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