The Zagreb Times Sinke

If you like your meals to be a little bit on a hottish side, you probably have the issue of finding good spices. Thanks to a new store in Zagreb, that won’t bug you anymore. Spicy Days excels in all kind of spicy, and their offer can be summarized in four words: chili, spice, barbecue and beer.

The store is a part of Croatian Volim Ljuto brand, which literally translates as “I Love Hot”. It can be found in Tratinska Street 38, with working hours between 10 a.m and 7 p.m.  Initially, the company was selling its products only via Internet, but high demand encouraged the opening of a physical store.

“At first, we wanted to sell only our own products, “ Goran Vrabec of Spicy Days explained to Croatia Times source. “But since we don’t have that many, we added more items available for purchase, that are still associated with our brand.”

At this moment, over 250 products can be bought in the store, about 150 of them belonging to “hot” category. New assets are coming on a daily basis, and in addition to those of Croatian origin, international products are supported as well. Some of these are exclusive to Spicy Days and can’t be acquired anywhere else in the country.

“Our products can also be bought in other stores, but our online services still bring about half of our firm’s traffic. It also allowed us to be more connected with our customers, see their preferences and accustom our offer. “

Some of the products on the shelf include famous sauces such as Hot Headz, Psycho Juice, Marie Sharp’s, Mad Dog, Dave’s Gourment and Blair’s. Much-loved Croatian sauces of  Juta Spiza are also available.  The owners are also very proud of their craft beer offer, as they are giving their share of encouraging Croatia’s rise of independent breweries.

If in Croatia, and planning to cook some delicious meal, visiting Tratinska Street should be your first step for the ingredients.

Photo: Darjan Grilec