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The Town of Vinkovci can be found in the northeast regions of Croatia, and judging from the recent story, it might become quite popular on global scale. The reason behind this is the newly established gathering spot called Buba Bar. Not only is it a perfect place for a cup of coffee, but its staff consists completely of people challenged with Down syndrome.

For those unaware, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes delays in physical growth and intellectual development. Grownups having this issue usually retain the mental abilities of eight-year old children, meaning that they are more than capable of participating in many everyday activities. Residents of Vinkovci believe that they can even run a bar, hence Buba came into the existence.


Thus, the story of Alen, Domagoj, Dario, Ivana and Marija has begun. These brave five people went through all the necessary trainings, in order to become master coffee baristas and professional waiter service members. Now they need your help to broaden the scope of the project, as they initiated a crowdfounding campaign on Indiegogo.

The plan is to hire even more personnel with Down Syndrome, but they need funds to do so. So instead of reading this article, you should just click here and learn how to assist these guys in their quest.  The café is named after ladybugs (Bubamara in Croatian), and the insect serves as a symbol to the place.

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As you donate, you may earn an achievement or even an award in form of a t-shirt or a hoodie. Not to mention that you may even arrange your own private party in Buba Bar. Hopefully the courage and dedication of these people will inspire you in the upcoming weeks. And if your trip to Croatia guides you to Vinkovci, don’t hesitate to say hello to this café’s friendly and hard-working staff.


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