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People of Croatia are avid supporters of the so-called ‘coffee-culture’. It is a habit of meeting with friends and relatives in a café, enjoying the black nectar while talking about contemporaries- sometimes even for hours. Bistro Vienna, a newly-opened locality in Zagreb’s Rudes neighborhood, aims to contribute to this custom in the most luxurious way.

Zageb and Vienna have a long history together, ever since Croatia was a part of Habsburg Empire. A lot of Croatian people are still associated with the famous Austrian capital, one of them being Vukadina family. They own a hotel in Zagreb called Vienna, and their son Dario decided to broaden the business by opening a bistro of the same name.


“As most of people of my age, I sought a way how to stay in Croatia. That is why I chose to add Bistro Vienna to the hotel run by my family. The two places are tightly connected, but each of them works on their own,” the 26-year old Vukadin explained.  In addition to modern design, the place offers fine breakfast meals and tasty cakes. They are all made in the kitchen located on basement level of the bistro, and orders travel to waiters via a small lift.

Bistro Vienna has an interior designed by architect firm 2A1. It was imagined as a place with notable style and identity, pleasant throughout the daylight hours only to become a romantic site once the sun retreats from the sky. There are two floors, with the upper one being reserved for smokers. The outdoor terrace is secluded from the street with a green bush fence.


The coffee is not the only thing which can be enjoyed in this place. It offers several brands of craft beers, and up to 35 highly-ranked wines. Feel free to visit this novel spot in Croatian Capital, located in Zagrebacka Avenija 211. Check out the vibe of the place in our photo gallery below:


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