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Planning to visit the capital of Croatia? The residents of this beautiful city are more than ready to share their wisdom on attractions to see and experience. Here is what local folk think are best things to do in Zagreb, and why you should consider staying a few days behind its cozy walls before heading to seashore.

Ivanka Peric, worker (52)
Zagreb is a city in the palm of your hand; you can do everything in one day. My favorite museum is the Mestrovic Museum in the Old Town, and I like the entire Old Town area. The Ethnographic Museum is also very interesting as it shows how we used to live, and how we will probably live in future.

Dora Zoric, student (19)
If you want to go out or grab coffee you should go to the city centre, around the central Ban Jelacic Square and Tkalciceva street. The best thing about Zagreb is that you will always run into warm people and you will never have your drink alone.

Panorama centra Zagreba 150111

Davor Dmitrovic, student (26)
Our city has many green oases for tourists who want more than a traditional tour. I recommend Sljeme Mountain, Tuskanac woods, Maksimir Park, Cmrok Hill or a simple stroll down Pantovcak Street.

Monika Loncaric, high school student (16)
You must go the Croatian National Theatre for two reasons – wonderful performances and beautiful baroque architecture. On the other hand, the Museum of Contemporary Art is something completely different, yet equally satisfying.

Indijana Grubisic, chambermaid (43)
After touring the historical core, you should see the parks. Bundek is wonderful, especially for children. If you go to Maksimir, you can play with squirrels or visit the Zoo. In my opinion, these are the best things to do in Zagreb.

Drago Sopta / CROPIX Agency
Drago Sopta / CROPIX Agency

Denis Peric, driver (53)
The Mimara Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum are great. The Museum of Broken Relationships has an unusual concept, and the School Museum is original and often uncrowded. Zagreb is not only the Old Town and the Cathedral, people should expand their horizons.

Ana Cvjetkovic, director (42)
Most people have seen the centre so I think it is time for alternative solutions, like touring Zagreb County. Rural and cultural tourism are the future, and I think that Zagreb’s natural outskirts have a lot of potential.

Sadat Ibraimi, worker (45)
Gunduliceva street has a hidden secret – the place with the biggest model train in this part of Europe, called Backo Mini Express. It is fun and original. The trains ride through different rooms, and the owner keeps adding new attractions.

Bruno Konjevic / CROPIX Agency
Bruno Konjevic / CROPIX Agency

Kreso Somek, retired worker (65)
Visitors must see the Old Town and Dolac market. I would also recommend the Zagreb City Museum, Strossmayer Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you want to experience an amazing view of the city, take a walk from Tuskanac Street to Mirogoj cemetery.

Sanja Dunjko,  beautician (70)
The mountain of Sljeme and Jarun Lake are often neglected because everyone wants to see cultural monuments. Botanical Gardens are also wonderful, and visiting our Zoo is among the best things to do in Zagreb.

Ruzica Briski, retired worker (61)
I suggest going to Velika Gorica, a town in Zagreb’s vicinity. There are plenty of things to see there and the nature around is amazing. Rural tourism in this area is really original and it will stay in fond memory.

Nenad Dugi / CROPIX Agency
Nenad Dugi / CROPIX Agency

Frano Mirkovic, student (20)
If you want to experience Zagreb from a different angle, have a cycling tour around lakes of Bundek and Jarun, along the banks of River Sava. Ideally, visitors should also climb up to Sljeme and stroll around Maksimir, they are great places to relax.

Darko Janes, actor (59)
Although Zagreb is so interesting that you need at least three days for sightseeing, my recommendations definitely include the Museum of Illusions. And let me tell you secret – not all the attractions are in the centre.

Have your own additions to things mentioned above? Make your own list of best things to do in Zagreb and share them in the comments section.


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