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We are told that breakfast is the most important meal in the day. Well, if you are in Croatian capital, you have plenty of enjoyable options for morning dining, and we are bringing you the most notable ones. Here are the best places for breakfast in Zagreb.

Best Places for Breakfast in Zagreb

Kava Tava

The brand which reinvented early morning dine in Zagreb, Kava Tava became a popular spot both to local residents and their foreign visitors. Its name can literally be translated as “Coffee Pan”, and it suits it quite well.  If you are very hungry, you may opt for Toast Club Sandwich with ham, cheese, rocket salad and fresh tomatoes (26 HRK / 3.50 €) or Don Bacon Sandwich with onion, ham, cheese and bacon (32 HRK / 4.30 €). In addition, Kava Tava offers English breakfast, sausages and fresh eggs. Their “cinkica” pancakes are also a frequent order. Find Kava Tava diners on British Square and in Tkalciceva Street 12.

 A Most Unusal Garden (also known as Zadruga)

Situated in peaceful oasis of Horvacanska Street 3, this English-name locality is actually run by the so-called Cooperative for Protection of Fruit, Vegetables and Meat Products. The Croatian word for Cooperative is “Zadruga”, so this bistro is also known under that name. Offering imaginative sandwiches and omelets, this fancy garden also boasts top-notch ingredients such as prime goat cheese, tasty pancetta and baby spinach. Broths and spring rolls are also among options, just as freshly squeezed juices and rich salads.

Louie Café&Kitchen

If you are strolling through Nova Ves Street in Zagreb, check out the address number 19 for Louie Café&Kitchen bistro. The breakfast is served up to 11:30 a.m. and usually consists of dishes featuring eggs, cheese, goat cheese, almonds and bananas. Yoghurt with chia seeds is also very popular, as well as home-made bean stew. Those who are keen to exercise can just have a glass of protein-filled smoothie.

Best Places for Breakfast in Zagreb


Fans of healthy foods will be rejoiced once they taste Bistroteka’s much-loved smoothies and juices, their average price being around 18 HRK /2.40 €. But those who don’t mind stronger diets can enjoy berry-featured muffins and porridges with apple, honey and cinnamon aromas (around 20 HRK / 2.50 €). A selection of fine drinks and sandwiches is also available in this bistro, which you can find in Teslina Street 14.

Dezman Bar

With tasty croissants and healthy lemon cakes, Dezman has truly established itself as a fine diner in Zagreb’s very center. Their sandwiches are unique, ranging from the one with skuta cheese and peppers from South Africa, to Vietnamese sandwich stuffed with marinated pork meat. Sweet chili mayonnaise and fresh coriander will certainly fulfill the empty space on the plate, so if you wish to have a touch of international cuisine, plan your route to Dezmanova Street 3.

Bistro Jutro

Situated in a small inner yard of Nikola Tesla Street 9, this charming Zagreb spot serves breakfast throughout the whole day. Local children know this to be the only place where to eat the legendary Cokolino chocolate flakes, while grown-ups can order fancy cakes, including those made of carrot and ginger. The usual breakfast offer comes with juices of various tastes, all made from veggies bought at Dolac Market.



Don’t leave Croatia without eating at least one slice of Drnis prosciutto. This delicacy can be enjoyed in Preradoviceva Street 1, where Krostula diner resides and offers food such as wild game sausage sandwiches, tasty strudels and aromatic smoothies. Of course, as their very name suggests, you can also order traditional krostula snacks. A portion of this crusty Dalmatian cookies costs merely 10 HRK / 1. 35 €, being an affordable way to taste coastal cuisine in the continental Croatia.

Choco Café

One can fulfill a lot of chocolate fantasies in Visnjevac Street 2, where the pleasant staff of Choco Café serves their renowned delicacies. But in addition to sweet aromas, one can also enjoy early-morning meals, including typical English breakfast (28 HRK / 3.75 €) and Continental serving (marmalade on buttered toast, 14 HRK / 1.90 €).

Mala Kavana

One of the most picturesque dining spots in Zagreb is certainly the town’s small tavern, Mala Kavana. Breakfast is being served up to the noon, and the most popular order includes two croissants, butter, marmalade, ham, cheese, tomato, coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This early-morning feast costs 35 HRK / 4.70 €, while meals such as omelets, fried bacon and fresh cheese won’t go far beyond 50 HRK / 6.70 €.  Take a walk on Ban Jelacic Square and have a nice breakfast in Mala Kavana.

Best Places for Breakfast in Zagreb

Meet Mia

Located in Vlaska 43, this small diner has some rather unique features. For example, they make their own salty pastries, so their meals are truly original. Their offer includes sandwiches of marinated pork, falafels in home-made tortilla and chicken meat snacks with wasabi. Their croissants are also one of the kind, as each of them passes through seven-hour preparation procedure, and is being covered with apricot marmalade during baking.

This was our selection of best places for breakfast in Zagreb. If you have visited some of them, leave your impressions in the comments section below.


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