The Zagreb Times Sinke

Searching for a nice spot to stay in while exploring the beautiful City of Zagreb? In plenty of accommodation options, Bartol Loft comes as a cozy and attractive space that will surely provide you with a pleasant time. This fancy apartment can be found in Gajeva Street, and comes with the so-called Belle Etage design. This means plenty of room, and considerably high ceilings, coupled with some old-fashioned Zagreb features such as old fireplaces and oak tree parquet. After all, the space itself exists since early 19th century.

However, owner Suzana Kulas didn’t want the space to be archaic, thus she renovated it in 2006. Since then, it provided hospitality to many satisfied clients, who liked the combination of old and new. The interior numbers 135 square meters, consisting of three bedrooms, a home office chamber, walk-in wardrobe and spacious living room. A large dining room that is connected with kitchen area is also available.“The loft’s main reconstruction was the work of Dr. Ivo Coric, who works as an architect and professor on Politecnico Milano,” Suzana explained. “I am very glad that his exceptional ideas found their place in my accommodation. He was assisted with my friend Vladimir Mikic, who also works as an expert in architecture.”

The furniture has many unique assets. For example, living room is dominated by red pop-design La Bocca  couch, which was inspired by works of Salvador Dali. Chairs were provided by extravagant studio of Karim Rashid and B&B Italy, while antique mirrors were acquired by local expert Maksim Vela.Since its original renovation, Bartol Loft went through three separate updates, mostly dealing with static and thermal isolation. It was also used as an office space, before finally becoming a hospitality-providing residence.

If interested in renting this cozy space, visit its Airbnb website, and arrange your stay in Zagreb.

Photo: Sanja Kastelan