The Zagreb Times Sinke

Zagreb has become a very important asset to Croatia’s tourist offer, noting impressive annual increase of foreign stays. This prompted locals to offer new accommodation options, including fancy hostels. One of such novel places is 3F Hostel, which can be found in Korculanska Street. Offering stylish interior and cozy environment, it could easily be your choice of staying place in Croatian Capital.

“The hygiene is our prime goal, as well as professional service at any time of day or night,” said Robert Opacak that leads 3F Hostel.  “We also have a policy of developing good relationships with local neighborhood. Our guests receive discounts in bars, restaurants and services that are in our vicinity. They can also have a more affordable day-trips and excursions.”

The hostel features 700 square meters of interior, and comes with seventeen rooms.  None of these have more than four beds, meaning that 3F Hostel literally has higher standards than some hotels.  Opened in late 2017, it is pleasantly arranged and offers modern design. The best ecological materials have been used, as well as prime textile pieces. The floors are made of quality ceramics and covered with stylish tapestry. The latter also provides noise reduction, so visitor satisfaction is guaranteed.

The walls have been decorated with witty quotes and photographs, as suggested by experts of Nulaosam Agency that deals with market communication.  Strangely enough, parts of the design were inspired by “The Little Prince”, a globally known tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

If you value comfort and modernity, 3F Hostel is more than ready to become your staying place in Zagreb.  Providing its guests with unique atmosphere and cozy premises, it is everything you hope from accommodation in a foreign country. Don’t hesitate to reserve your visit on the hostel’s official website. Feel free to provide feedback and impressions in our comments section.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / Hanza Media