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The fact that Croatia is a prime spot for foreign movie productions is well-established. Numerous fascinating sceneries and friendly local policies are attracting film makers from all over the world, the most recent one being none other than BBC. The renowned television company will film their upcoming crime series McMafia, based upon the bestselling book authored by Guardian journalist Misha Glenny.

The series has a comical tone, its narrative following the events after a Columbian drug cartel steals a car belonging to Russian mob family. The leading role was appointed to actor James Norton, while directing authority was given to James Watkins.


And although most filming companies opt to produce their movies in coastal areas of Croatia, McMafia will have a set in the country’s Capital of Zagreb. One of the oldest cities in Europe will actually appear as Moscow and Prague in the series, its localities mimicking these destinations in numerous scenes.

The first days of filming will take place in Dverce Palace, a notable locality in Zagreb’s Upper Town. The project will continue on Mirogoj, a gorgeous cemetery designed by architect Herman Bolle. A few scenes will take place in the local Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, after which the crew will return to Upper Town and film in Kamenita Vrata, alongside with some other streets and alleys of Zagreb.

Vjernici pale svijece na Kamenitim vratima

Although it is supposed to mimic other cities in the series, Zagreb will certainly benefit from this project as a destination. The Croatia’s largest city has blossomed as a tourist locality in the last decade, becoming one of the most beloved sites for visitors in Central Europe. With McMafia reaching TV-screens soon, it will certainly become even more popular.

Panorama Zagreb

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