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Zagreb serves as a home to numerous bars and nightclubs, with Alcatraz being one of the most popular places once the sun retreats from the sky. Located in Preradoviceva Street, the bar has been opened for many years and has a sort of cult status among local residents. However, the owners have staged a rather unexpected surprise for their fans. The bar has officially gained its second edition.

Alcatraz Bar 2 can be found in Tkalciceva Street, which is known as a place to be during nighthours in Croatian capital. Unlike the original, this club has three levels, and also serves food. With great interior design and novel features, it will certainly attract a lot of visitors, both local and foreign.


The idea behind Alcatraz Bar 2 is to be everyone’s favorite place. The basement level is reserved for fans of rock music, which will also have the opportunity to taste 500 different beer kinds. The ground floor ‘Buddha Bar’ is for those who enjoy house music, and have cocktails for their favorite drinks.

The upper floor is where the dining place is located. The restaurant, called All Saints, will feature food from all corners of Mediterranean world. The musical background will follow the menu, so as the offer changes, so will the tunes.

The owner, Ivan Milinkovic, is not hiding his excitement for the new place. “For the last 15 years, my team dreams about opening Alcatraz Bar 2. Every detail has been well-thought in advance. It will be a great spot for enjoying food, cigars, wine, beer and music.”


The new club has over 300 square meters in size, and the crew numbers 30 people. As for the first bar, it will stay open and active on the old place. Come to Tkalciceva Street 15, and enjoy this unique new spot in Zagreb.


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