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Did you know that Croatia notes the first official mentioning of vampiric being? Between 16th and 17th century, the Istrian village of Kringa was home to individual called Jure Grando, who seemed to be associated with vampirism. The tale has inspired many art pieces, including the recent movie about Croatian vampire called Jure Grando, Strigun from Kringa.

The word ‘strigun’ is used to describe vampires in Istrian dialect, especially those that share crafts with warlocks. Interestingly enough, the case of Grando received attention from scientists of the time, and many deemed this Croat as genuine undead being.

From what is known, Jure would exit his casket on the cemetery and terrorize villagers of Kringa every night.  His widow even claimed that he sexually harassed her once. The only way to stop this was to remove his head, which was done by locals in a very disturbing feat. The story was told through many myths and legends, and as already mentioned, serves as an inspiration even to contemporary artists of Croatia.

Young animator Martin Babic made an impressive movie about Croatian vampire, which you may check out below:

The movie is of debutant nature, and was made in stop-motion technique. This means that Martin constructed small toy-like models, and achieved the illusion of their movement by filming them in different postures, each slightly different than one before. In the world where computer animation can be found on every step, such traditional approach is really refreshing.

We are sure that movie about Croatian vampire will gain a lot of attention, and bring many tourists to village of Kringa. The locals have founded a bar that cherishes the tale of Grando, so if you are fan of these mythical beings, feel free to venture into Istria’s inner regions and explore their beauty.

If you dare, of course.

Photo: Jure Grando- Strigun from Kringa
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