The Istria Times Sinke

Radetici is a small hamlet in continental parts of Istrian peninsula. Surrounded with beautiful nature and equally charming settlements, it features a luxurious residence that attracts views of all who pass next to it. This Istrian villa is owned by Matteo Cetinski and it looks like an old estate that was recently renovated to accommodate class-loving guests. However, that is misleading, as the house has recently been built.

“A lot of Istrian residences are being arranged in classical Provence, shabby chic or styles that combine modernity with rustic approach,” Cetinski said to Croatia Times source. “But I wanted something else for my house. I invested in Mediterranean exteriors, resembling outdoors of Greece. As for interior, I decided to tender Provence approach, but with an extra layer of luxury. I call it old country look.”

In addition to aforementioned, Matteo has decorated the villa with various items he acquired during his travels across Bali, France, Amsterdam, New York and Toronto. The final result isn’t a crowded space, but a balanced and visually attractive set of rooms that are comfortable to reside in. The living room features two Roche Bobois couches and large throne-like chairs situated next to fireplace.

The dining room has an impressive table that can accommodate up to twelve persons. Interestingly enough, this grandiose piece of furniture is actually a pool table that has been renovated for new use. But with just a few twists, it can return to its original form and become an ideal entertainment for all ages. Outdoors are equipped with a lovely terrace and private pool. Secluded by a small distance are grill and open-fire oven as well as an entire exterior kitchen.

As you can see in our image gallery below, this Istrian villa has been arranged with much effort and professionalism. This is because owner has his own brand dealing with the topic, and called Mirko di Matteo Designs.  Feel free to explore their work and be inspired to accommodate in Istrian villas during your stay in Croatia.

Photo: Berislava Picek / Hanza Media