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Family Stanic has a rather strange practice in life. They are buying old real estates in Pruhari Village, located in northern region of Istrian Peninsula, and renovating them to become attractive staying places. As years passed, they managed to acquire quite a lot of residences, and are planning to turn them into tourist accommodations.

“My husband’s family descends from this settlement, and he always thought of spending his life here,” Jasminka Stanic explained to Croatia Times source. “In time, I begun to share his idea, and we begun our long journey to become the majority owners of Pruhari Village.”

Fifteen years ago, the couple has returned to Pruhari only to find it completely abandoned. The houses belonged to people who didn’t live at Istrian addresses, so the whole settlement was technically without a single inhabitant. Stanic Family begun to renovate the house they inherited, but the endeavor soon became much broader. “In the following decade, we bought some land surrounding the estate, as well as structures that existed on it. As soon as we did that, we begun to repair and renovate the neglected houses. It was a long road, but we loved every step of it.”

It took ten years for Stanics to bring the settlement to the level they desired. Before 2009, Pruhari village had no electricity and water facilities. But now, it is finally becoming the haven one could easily pick up for a vacation spot. The most renovated house might soon be rented for such cause.

Full of color and with welcoming atmosphere, the residence used to be a field worker’s home in distant past. Consisting of ground floor and a charming attic, it could be a great place for spending family stay in Istrian inland. “Don’t expect a villa or Tuscany-class luxury,” Jasmina noted with a smile. “This is an old house, dedicated to our ancestors. Even though, one can really enjoy it in the special way.”

Check out what Stanics offer in our image gallery below. If interested to become a guest of Pruhari, send your inquiries to e-mail

Photo: Berislava Picek / CROPIX