The Istria Times Sinke

Envisioned by architect Boris Ruzic of BR Design Studio, Villa B2 is a guarantee of luxurious vacation in Croatia’s Istria region.  The estate can be found in Radetici settlement, and has greatly been inspired by local architecture. For example, the designers noticed the distinctive shape and color of Istrian water wells. To mimic their look, usage of special concrete was practiced during Villa B2 construction, and the final result is very impressive.

The gorgeous outdoor pool features a small source which pumps the water into swimming space, making a relaxing, almost mystical sound. As if being next to a natural stream, the visitors can enjoy the Istrian sun on small beach lie-downs which are situated next to the pool itself. The surroundings are arranged with minimalistic approach, leaving an impression you are situated in artistic piece.

„The space of Villa B2 feels natural, thanks to industrially polished concrete that we used,” Ruzic explained to Croatia Times source. “People are reminded of what old Istrian infrastructure looked like. They had this rawness inside of them that is at display here.”

The architects wanted the pool to be much bigger. However, under Croatian laws, such architectural assets need special permission, so they had to limit it below 24 square meters. Despite that, Villa B2 is really a great spot for summer vacation.

The villa technically consists of two structures, both being air-conditioned and more than ready to accept up to 12 guests. They are also welcome to explore the village of Radetici, as well as Sveti Lovrinec, Porec and Rovinj, all of them being in acceptable driving range. The estate is great for family vacation, and since pets are allowed, your faunal company can enjoy its premises too.

The houses have been renovated in 2013, and are very pleasant spots for stay. Check them out in our image gallery below, and schedule your arrival on the estate’s official website.

Photo: Rajan Milosevic/LEVEL 52